Adapt Solutions Power Pull

Adapt Solutions’ POWER PULL technology is a wheelchair & passenger ramp assist system. With the use of an electronically controlled retractable cable and remote control, the person in the chair can attach their wheelchair to the POWER PULL from outside the vehicle. The cable is attached to the left and right side of the front of the wheelchair. Once they are positioned on the bottom of the wheelchair ramp, with the push of a button the cable begins to slowly pull them into the vehicle. The cable can be stopped at any time if the person feels they need to re-straighten the wheelchair before continuing.

Power Pull Ramp Assistant For Wheelchair Van Ramps

Great for wheelchair drivers who use hand controls and just need a little assistance with getting up the ramp, the person in the chair simply presses the release button and unhooks the two-position cable from the wheelchair once they are safely inside. The system can also be used to help with exiting the vehicle.

Auto-Lock Clutch System
The POWER PULL cable uses an auto-locking clutch system that keeps tension on the cable at all times during use. This means that the cable will never accidentally unravel or become tangled. There is also a safety switch in the design that keeps the POWER PULL cable from accidentally releasing while it is in use. In addition to the remote control stopping capabilities, if the wheelchair is not going up the ramp straight, a built-in breaker prevents the chair from being pulled too far over to one side. The system resets itself in a few seconds, allowing the user to reposition in the middle of the ramp before proceeding.

Basic Functions:

  • Roll up beside your vehicle
  • Take hold of the POWER PULL strap
  • Position yourself in front of the ramp
  • Place the hooks on the left and right side of the chair
  • Press and hold the ‘IN’ button
  • POWER PULL takes you up the ramp
  • Stop the POWER PULL while on the ramp at any time