Assistive Seating

Assistive seating is designed to help people with a disability move from their wheelchair (or scooter) into the front seat of a vehicle. A motorized, assistive seat works through controls that allow it to move backward, forward, up, down and side-ways.

Assistive seating can be installed in most types/brands of vehicles; including sedans, SUVs, wagons, crossovers, minivans, pick-up trucks and full-size vans.

Assistive seating typically has a lifting capacity of up to 600 lbs., so a vast majority of people can be accommodated. However, please note that if you are exceptionally tall or have long legs, you may not have enough room to swivel. We recommend that you speak with a Certified Mobility Consultant and determine your options.

Transfer Seat Bases

An alternate accessible seating option is the installation of a transfer seat base into a vehicle. A transfer seat base is a motorized base that is installed in place of the original factory seat base. The original factory seat is then reinstalled onto the transfer seat base.

A benefit of using the original factory seat on top of the transfer seat base is that individuals will continue to have the benefit of any special power seat options that they already have in that seat; such as tilting or lumbar support.

Transfer seat bases have the option of having either four-way or six-way functionality. A four-way transfer seat base allows the vehicle seat to move forward/backward and swivel in-swivel out. A six-way transfer seat base allows the vehicle seat to perform the same functions, and in addition, to move up and down. In most situations, the six-way transfer seat base is the better option because the up/down motion allows an individual to position the seat lower than their wheelchair when transferring into the seat and higher than their wheelchair when they are transferring out of their seat, this avoiding extra strain on their bodies.

blue-van-displaying-factory-seats-in-front-and-rear-passenger-side-installed-on-top-of-transfer-seat-base red-truck-displaying-front-passenger-seat-lowered-to-exterior-of-vehicle-at-wheelchair-level-using-transfer-seat-base

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