MobilityWorks+ Accessible alternative to owning or leasing

Own the Road — Not the Vehicle

At MobilityWorks, we are always looking for new solutions to meet the needs of our clients. If owning or leasing an accessible vehicle isn’t for you, the MobilityWorks+ subscription program may be. A MobilityWorks+ membership offers nationwide access to the MobilityWorks accessible rental vehicle fleet — you choose the membership level that best meets your needs. The program includes use of the MobilityWorks+ App which allows you to see which vehicles are available and book up to 60 days in advance.

†Book through the MobilityWorks+ app up to end of next calendar month subject to account balance and vehicle availability. MobilityWorks reserves the right to substitute a similar vehicle at time of pick-up. MobilityWorks+ subscriber must be present at vehicle pick-up. Bookings debited against account balance when made and credited back to same month’s available balance if canceled at least 48 hours in advance. Additional terms apply — see MobilityWorks+ App End User License Agreement and MobilityWorks Rental Contract for details.

6 Benefits Included for Worry Free Driving

No Long-Term Commitment

No Long-Term Commitment

Insurance Included

No Additional Insurance Required*

Reserve Online

Reserve Online

No Maintenance Fees

No Maintenance Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees**

No Vehicle Depreciation

No Vehicle Depreciation

*must provide proof of Member’s comprehensive automobile insurance at pick-up.

Choose Your Preferred Reservation Tier

MobilityWorks+ Platinum 10 days


  • 10 days per month
  • Weekends are Friday-Monday and use 4 days
  • Unlimited daily mileage
MobilityWorks+ Gold 6 days


  • 6 days per month
  • Weekends are Friday-Monday and use 4 days
  • Unlimited daily mileage

** $999 enrollment fee and first and last month membership dues are non-refundable and due upon enrollment. Membership dues subject to change with prior notice. Cancel at any time. Member must download MobilityWorks+ App and provide valid credit card for automatic payment of monthly dues. Vehicles for consumer use within the continental United States only. Fuel charge of $10 per gallon if vehicle is not fully refueled and daily surcharges may apply in FL, PA, or NJ. All fees and charges plus applicable taxes. Vehicle must be picked up and dropped off at same location during normal business hours. Each day booked is limited to a 24-hour period; excess days subject to availability and full rental rate. Weekends require a minimum of 4 booked days. Booked vehicle subject to availability at pick-up and MobilityWorks may substitute a similar vehicle. Program benefits may not be transferred and member must be present, provide valid license and proof of valid comprehensive automotive insurance, and sign rental agreement prior to each vehicle delivery. Program benefits have no cash value and unused benefits expire at the end of each calendar month. Not available where prohibited by law. See rental contract for additional terms and conditions.

How It Works

Subscribe by Calling


Get Started Today!
Call 877-453-5733.

Reserve Online


MobilityWorks+ allows you to book online using the MobilityWorks+ App or call us at 877-453-5733 to book your vehicle.

Pickup Local

Pick Up & Go

Stop by your local MobilityWorks to pick up your reserved Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

How does MobilityWorks+ compare to owning or leasing?


  • Variety of Vehicles
  • No Additional Insurance Required*
  • Maintenance Included
  • No Commitment
  • No Car Loan
  • Latest Model Vehicles

Buying / Leasing

  • Drive the Same Vehicle for Extended Period
  • Insure Additional Vehicle
  • Maintenance Not Included
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Taxes, Fees and Loan Interest
  • Vehicle Depreciation

To find the nearest location, or to schedule an appointment, call 877-453-5733 or visit our locations page.


How does MobilityWorks+ work?

MobilityWorks+ is an easy solution to your monthly occasional transportation needs. Once you enroll in the program, you are given our easy booking app which will give you the opportunity to book a certain number wheelchair van reservations within the month.  We have all your information on file so vehicle pickup is quick and easy!

How do I join?

Give us a call or stop in a participating location today!

How do I cancel?

If you decide MobilityWorks+ no longer fits into your lifestyle, all you need to do is provide 60 days’ notice in writing and we will cancel the subsequent monthly billing as directed.

Can I drive out of state?

You sure can – just make sure to bring it back where you picked it up within the time frame of your reservation.  

What do I need when I pick up my vehicle?

Always carry your license and insurance with you when picking up a vehicle.

Can anyone else drive the vehicle?

Only drivers specifically listed on your subscription agreement are allowed to operate the vehicle.

What are the enrollment requirements?

You must be over 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You must have full coverage insurance details and the credit card you want your initial fee and monthly charges billed to.

What are the insurance requirements?

You will need full coverage insurance that will extend to the use of a wheelchair accessible van. We will give them a call to verify but suggest that you so the same.

How much does the service cost?

After the one-time nonrefundable enrolment fee of $999 you can choose between the $499 gold plan or the $799 Platinum plan.

What is included in the monthly rate?

You’ll be able to have the opportunity to reserve a newer model vehicle and drive it for 24 hours with unlimited mileage for the set number of times per month as designated by your plan.

What happens if I’m cited while driving?

While in possession of the vehicle, all motor vehicle infractions would be your responsibility along with any damages that occur while you’re in possession.

Does MobilityWorks+ pick up?

We do offer delivery for a fee based on availability. This will need to be inquired about and booked directly with your local store in advance.

What vehicles are available to choose from?

MobilityWorks boasts a large fleet of newer model mini vans. Makes and models vary by location.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged, breaks down or needs maintenance?

We have 24-hour roadside assistance so we can be there when you need us.

What is the fuel policy?

The vehicle will need to be returned with the same fuel that was in it when it was picked up. The fuel surcharge is $10 per gallon when it needs to be filled at our location.

Is coverage included?

There is no insurance coverage included, but in most cases your existing full coverage will cover the vehicle you use in your MobilityWorks+ subscription. You must carry full coverage insurance that extends to the use of a wheelchair accessible van.  Your insurance coverage will be verified by MobilityWorks but also recommend that you reach out to your insurance carrier in advance as well.

What coverage do I need to have to participate?

You must carry full coverage insurance that extends to the use of a wheelchair accessible van. Your insurance coverage will be verified by MobilityWorks but also recommend that you reach out to your insurance carrier in advance as well.

Can I return my vehicle if a location is closed?

We recommend that you return within business hours. You are responsible for the vehicle until our office is open.  If you need to return after hours, please make those arrangements with the location directly and understand that you will be responsible for the vehicle until our return to business.

What locations are available for me to pick up a vehicle?

Please see our participating locations here

How are charges billed?

The initial nonrefundable enrolment fee of $999 will be charged at the time of purchase.

How What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards

Can I use for the Mobility+ vehicles for ride sharing services?

No – at this time our subscription program is only for personal consumer use.