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Wheelchair Vans Under $25,000

The vehicle shown above is a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE (5B292057) – currently listed for sale at $16,900. It is located at our Savannah GA store on Ogeechee Road.

We are often asked to provide a list of our vehicles under a certain price range. People looking for vans under $25K is fairly common. While newer wheelchair vans can often be twice that much, MobilityWorks does carry a significant number of used vans that retail for under $25,000.

To make it easier for people to find those vehicles, we now have a special offer feature that allows our online visitors to quickly view all of our currently available* vehicles below this retail price. Click her to view our $25K and under inventory selection.

Looking for a newer van at an economical price?  You may want to check out our $39,995 Sale on 2016 Dodge Caravans with BraunAbility side entry or rear entry manual conversions.

Below are a Few FAQs on Our Used Vans for Sale…

Q. What if the vehicle I want isn’t located near me. Can I still buy it?

A. Yes you can! We often ship a vehicle from one location to another in order to make it available at a location near you. There may be a predetermined shipping fee that will be discussed with you beforehand. In some cases, the shipping fee can be waived by the General Manager if the distance between two stores is not too significant.

Q. I have a non-accessible vehicle that I no longer need. Can you take it as a trade-in?

A. Yes! We take trades on ALL vehicles, not just those that are converted for wheelchair accessibility.  We will provide an on-site inspection  and trade-in estimate for free and then offer a fair market value. The trade-in value can also be applied toward a down-payment on any vehicle purchase.

Q. I don’t see a specific van that meets my needs. I’d like to be notified if a certain model or conversion becomes  available in my budget. Can you do that?

A. Yes! Just let us know that you want to be added to a notification list for any new trades under $25k (or other value) that may be added to our inventory in the future. In many cases, you’ll be notified before the van is even posted online.

Q. Can you finance a used handicap van?

A. Yes! Our Financial Team can provide you details on interest rates and terms. Visit our Financing a Wheelchair Van page for more information. There is also an online credit application to see what rates you would qualify for. We also have programs for financing scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts.

*Our inventory changes daily. Vehicles are sold on a first come, first serve basis and require a down payment to be reserved. Vehicle prices are subject to change. Shipping fees may apply.


MobilityWorks Launches New Emergency Roadside Assistance Program for Its Wheelchair Van Clients

ProtectionWorks™ Includes Accessible Transportation to a Safe Destination

For most of our clients who use a wheelchair for mobility, dealing with an inoperable vehicle or bring stuck in a snow drift is a much more stressful situation than for an able-bodied person. That’s because if the vehicle needs to be towed, getting to a destination may mean not having access to an adaptive vehicle equipped with a wheelchair ramp or lift. Getting stuck “inside” the vehicle is also a real concern. That’s why MobilityWorks developed a unique roadside assistance program, with the help of its business partner Mobility Support Solutions™, to address this very need. Anchor has over 35,000 tow providers in their network to offer quick roadside assistance in every state of the country.

With ProtectionWorks™, the trade name created for the program, clients are covered with traditional roadside emergency assistance such as towing, out of fuel, flat tire and battery jump-starting assistance. The difference is that they are also covered with getting accessible transportation to a safe destination for up to 25 miles from where their vehicle had to be towed. The program will also dispatch technicians to address the needs of a lift or ramp not deploying — or a technician to help with a mobility device not working properly, such as a power wheelchair or scooter. Clients now purchasing new or used handicap vans will be offered the program, in addition to clients that have purchased a vehicle in the past.

“ProtectionWorks provides peace of mind for our clients to know that should something go wrong, it will be easier for them to get the help they need” — Bill Koeblitz, MobilityWorks President/CEO.

MobilityWorksTV – the Place to Go for Informative Videos

A video highlighting the features of the new program can be seen on the ProtectionWorks web page. Go to to watch the video and to get more information on becoming a member. To view all of our videos, including product demonstrations and client testimonials in our “Reel Stories” series, go to YouTube MobilityWorks TV here.