A Van for Zachary and Sam

Zach and Sam smiling in their wheelchairsThe Tuttle family live just south of Atlanta in Newman, GA where they are raising two wonderful children. Zachary (10) and Samantha (8) are both in wheelchairs and have several medical conditions. Zachary was born with the rare condition Eagle-Barrett syndrome, also known as Prune Belly, and both children have Neurological Development Delays. This makes daily life extremely challenging for the Tuttles, but it does not stop them from enjoying every minute possible!

Only in 1 in every 40,000 children are born with Eagle-Barrett syndrome which causes partial or complete absence of abdominal muscles. There is currently no cure and very little that can be done for treatment, but medical researchers are working hard to find some answers. The Tuttle’s are doing some of their own research as to why both of their children have rare neurological conditions. They have worked with Geneticists to trace back over 6 generations from both parents, and have no explanation. While they continue to look for answers, the Tuttle’s enjoy every moment with their children.

Zachary and Sam are both non-verbal, but have recently started to learn sign language. Some research shows that teaching non-verbal children sign language can help them learn how to speak. Both children also enjoy horse therapy which is proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. One of Zachary’s favorite activities is watching the Weather Channel. Every time the music for the “local on the 8’s” comes on he gets a huge smile on his face! One of their happiest family memories is from 2013 when Zachary was selected to be a part of “Bert’s Big Adventure”. Every year Bert Weiss from Q100 in Atlanta sends several families on a week-long paid vacation to Disney World!

The Tuttle family is full of love and compassion, but they are missing one thing, a wheelchair accessible van. They are currently raising funds on GoFundMe to purchase a vehicle that will fit both kids in their wheelchairs.

Click here to visit the Tuttle’s GoFundMe page

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