Mobility Awareness Month Featured Client Ellen Scalise—Alabaster, AL

Ellen Scalise

Ellen Scalise spent 37 years as a church volunteer before her M.S. worsened and resulted in a fall last year.

Her high school friend Chris Peterson has nominated her and this is what Chris has to say about Ellen:

Only the good Lord knows how many years had passed since I last saw Ellen. I remember through grade school over forty years ago that both she and her younger brother Pierre were very smart. I knew if I wanted to stay in good graces with my teachers that sticking close to Ellen was a sure bet, as perhaps her discipline and fondness for good grades would rub off on me. So much for best laid plans.

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This Memorial Day – A Poem for Our Heroes

Veterans cemetery and flags

This Memorial Day, we remember those who died, those for whom we have cried.

We celebrate their lives, their willingness to sacrifice.

To take up arms, selflessness denied. To fight with honor, to put fear aside.

This Memorial Day, men and women we never knew, are given thanks, the least we can do.

If only for a minute, a brief moment in time, send them a prayer, they gave us their lives.

This Memorial Day, stand proud of your land. Our heroes died defending it, for which it stands.

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Mobility Awareness Month Featured Client Clifford West – Flat Rock, MI

Clifford West - Flat Rock, MI

Clifford West is a 57 year old disabled and retired Police Officer, husband, father and grandfather. In 2005, he was diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM).

Here is his story:

I’m Clifford West a 57 year old disabled and retired husband, father and grandfather. I worked 26 years as a Police Officer, a job that I loved, because it allowed me to help people, and hopefully make a difference in the community.

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Mobility Awareness Month Featured Client Kimberly Yap – Huntington Beach, CA

Aidan was born premature and spent 143 days in the NICU. With lifelong complications, he needs a wheelchair van to get to doctor’s appointments and family events.

Kimberly Yap entered her son in the National Mobility Awareness Month van giveaway contest because to her and the rest of the family, he is their hero. He is also a fighter. They celebrate his every milestone – and now they need your votes.

Kimberly’s son Aidan is 12 years old. He was born premature weighing less than 2 pounds and had to spend 143 days in the hospital NICU. Aidan has had lifelong health complications and needs a wheelchair van to in order for his family to take him places like school, appointments and family outings.

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Mobility Awareness Month Featured Client Next Step Ministries – Woodstock, GA

Next Step Ministries in Woodstock GA helps people with special needs and physical disabilities.

Next Step Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Woodstock, Georgia which provides day programs for individuals with special needs. The ministry was started in 2009 by founder Lori Baker who says she had a calling by God to help those in need.

“I’ve been so blessed with all of the incredible families we’ve met and the roads we’ve been traveling,” said Baker.

Next Step likes to get out in the community with its special needs campers and support staff, but many times they don’t have enough space for wheelchairs and people get left behind. Next Step offers Therapeutic Day Care programs geared towards young adults, Job Skills Programs, a Saturday Respite Care program for ages five through adult, and Summer Camps for school-age clients. You can learn more about Next Step at

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