Dealership vs Internet Sellers

As you do your online research into mobility options, you will find that there are many choices, as well as many dealers to choose from.  The top things you should look for when selecting a dealer are:

  • Extensive inventory of top brand products and accessories
  • A competent, well-trained sales and service staff
  • NMEDA QAP membership and certification
  • 24 hour emergency support line

You may also find that there are companies that are looking to see you an accessible vehicle-sight unseen- over the Internet. Although you may feel that you could save a few dollars now, your decision could end up costing you more in the long run.

For example, without a dealer network to support their product, people who buy from Internet sellers often turn to local garages, where the staff may not be familiar with mobility conversions, for repair.

In addition, the resale value on vehicles purchased from the Internet can be thousands of dollars less. Manufacturers of wheelchair vans who sell to end users via the Internet don't have the same level of brand recognition and quality perception as Braun and/or VMI. The conversions they build tend to lack key features and don't have the same level of fit and finish as the premier converters have.

In buying products from a trusted and accredited dealer you are guaranteed:

  • Face-to-Face client counseling with certified, factory-trained Certified Mobility Consultants
  • Professional fittings done to put you in the right equipment the first time
  • Highest quality conversions
  • Service "after the sale" from certified and factory trained technicians
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Knowledge of local funding resources

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