Richfield, OH, Dec. 12, 2018 (PRWEB) --

MobilityWorks Adds 4 More Locations in Ohio with Acquisition of M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc.

MobilityWorks®, the nation's largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vans, is adding 4 new locations through the acquisition of M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. The new stores are located in Mentor, Columbus, Dayton and Evendale.

The acquisition will add to MobilityWorks' existing presence in the state of Ohio, where they currently have 3 locations. These new locations will complement MobilityWorks’ existing locations in Akron, Toledo and Cincinnati.  Following the acquisition, MobilityWorks will now operate 78 total locations in 24 states.

Carmen Paterniti, President of M.C. Mobility Systems, commented “MobilityWorks is a leader in our industry and a natural partner for M.C. Mobility due to our shared vision of expanding access to mobility solutions for all. We are proud to join the MobilityWorks family and are confident our stores will now have unmatched resources and solutions available to provide the best possible experience for our customers.”

Together M.C. Mobility Systems and MobilityWorks will offer customers greater selection, excellent service, and access to innovative financing solutions. The main objective of both organizations is working with clients to find the best solution for the individual’s specific needs. The two companies have been market leaders in the wheelchair accessible van industry for over 20 years and take pride in delivering quality products and services.

“We look forward to having M.C. Mobility Systems become a part of our family,” said Eric Mansfield, President of MobilityWorks. “Adding M.C. Mobility Systems to our organization will complement our 3 other locations in Ohio and will truly benefit our customers. We expect a smooth transition and are excited to continue to serve the community.”

Mark DiRosa, Vice President of M.C. Mobility Systems, said “The MobilityWorks partnership will allow anyone living in Ohio to conveniently find wheelchair accessible van solutions and service capabilities within a one hour drive.”

In addition to selling new and pre-owned modified vans for wheelchair accessibility, Mobility Works and M.C. Mobility Systems will also provide rental vans and adaptive equipment such as hand controls, turning seats and scooter lifts. MobilityWorks also manufactures and sells a variety of commercial vehicles to business clients throughout the United States.

Source: MobilityWorks Adds 4 More Locations in Ohio with Acquisition of M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc.