Richfield, OH, Oct. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

MobilityWorks Acquires Freedom Mobility in Englewood Colorado

MobilityWorks®, the nation's largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vans, is adding 1 new location with the acquisition of Freedom Mobility in Englewood, CO. The acquisition will be the first store for MobilityWorks' in the state of Colorado. Following the acquisition, MobilityWorks will now operate 84 total locations in 25 states.

Freedom Mobility and MobilityWorks share a passion and mission to provide quality, affordable wheelchair vans to the wheelchair community.  The main objective of both organizations is to work with each client to find the best solution for the individual’s specific needs to ensure clients can connect with who and what matters most.

“We are excited to become part of the MobilityWorks organization that shares our same values and caterers to the unique needs of our customers” said John Murray, Owner of Freedom Mobility, “we’ll continue to provide customers with the service they love and now we’ll have the ability to provide more solutions to meet their needs said Marlon Neely, Owner of Freedom Mobility.

“Adding Freedom Mobility to our organization offers an exciting opportunity to strengthen and expand our service offering into the state of Colorado,” said Eric Mansfield, Chief Operating Officer/President of MobilityWorks. “We look forward to the addition of their talented employees, and are excited to continue to serve the Colorado community.”

In addition to selling new and pre-owned modified vans for wheelchair accessibility, MobilityWorks and Freedom Mobility will also provide rental vans and adaptive equipment such as hand controls, turning seats and scooter lifts. MobilityWorks also manufactures and sells a variety of commercial vehicles to business clients throughout the United States.

Source: MobilityWorks Acquires Freedom Mobility