Introducing The Mobility Alliance

Mobility Alliance

Many years ago, four major airlines created the “Star Alliance”, the first group of its kind, for the purpose of making travel easier by having with more flight options, shorter journey times, and a significantly improved flying experience. With this same type of vision, MobilityWorks formed the Mobility Alliance with other quality dealers who share a common goal: to help people with disabilities, living in all areas of the country, with finding quality accessible transportation and the right solution for their needs.

Responding to a Global Digital World

As has grown to become a premier search results page for many adaptive solutions, we receive inquiries about van selection, service, funding and rentals from all areas of the country. It’s our goal to connect everyone looking for help with a quality dealer that we know will provide the best available products and local service. If you're interested in becoming part of our Mobility Alliance program, please send us an inquiry.

Mobility Alliance Dealer Inquiries

4199 Kinross Lakes Pkwy, Ste 300
Richfield, OH 44286

MobilityWorks Locations

Soderholm Mobility


Soderholm Mobility offers consumers a variety of transportation options, from state-of-the-art wheelchair accessible vehicles, to cutting edge accessible transportation equipment, including: turning seats; scooter lifts; carriers; hand controls; and many other solutions.Address and business hour information.

  • Honolulu

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