Toyota Northstar E360

VMI Toyota Northstar E360

The Toyota Sienna Northstar E360 is the paramount wheelchair van conversion for caregivers, offering an incredibly-simplified, manual, in-floor ramp and flexible seating, which allows caregivers to sit next to the wheelchair user. Like VMI's full-power Access360 conversions, the Northstar E360 offers more interior space and headroom than any other caregiver-centric wheelchair-accessible vehicle, making it ideal for large wheelchair maneuverability.

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Easy to Use

Caregivers of any size or age can easily deploy and replace the ramp with little effort and no bending.

High Capacity

Ramp has a wide usable area and an 800-pound weight capacity to accommodate large wheelchairs.

Greater Safety

Ramp is stored under the floor for increased safety

Obstacle Free

The front-passenger floor is free of obstacles to accommodate wheelchairs of almost any size.

Removable Seat

Front passenger seat can be removed to allow the caregiver to sit next to the wheelchair user.

Vertical Space

Industry-best interior height creates more headroom for tall wheelchair users and passengers.