Toyota Side-Entry Manual XT

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BraunAbility Toyota Manual XT

Built on the Toyota Sienna chassis, the Manual XT offers the same accessibility and convenience of any BraunAbility manual vehicle, all in a streamlined, sporty package. A lightweight aluminum side-entry ramp can be conveniently folded out for easy wheelchair access. Third row roll-and-tumble seats fold forward to offer additional cargo space when needed.

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Manual Ramp


A manual door and manual bi-fold ramp is the perfect choice for those who travel with an attendant.

Removable Seating


For those who wish to ride up front or even drive from their wheelchair, BraunAbility makes it easy: simply unlock the seat base and roll the entire seat out. The seats can be reinstalled into the vehicle just as easily when needed.

Quiet Drive®


Quiet Drive® is a ground-breaking noise reduction technology offered exclusively on BraunAbility wheelchair vans. Quiet Drive® reduces noise for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Rear Cargo Area


BraunAbility Side-Entry options maintain ample rear cargo space behind the rear bench seat.