Dodge Manual Rear-Entry Wheelchair Vans

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Dodge Braun Manual Rear-Entry

Easy-to-use is the highlight of the Dodge Manual Rear-Entry. The new 34" wide power ramp will easily accommodate the largest of wheelchairs, and there's enough space to secure two wheelchairs as well. You'll also enjoy the convenience of parking in a traditional parking space!

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Easy Access


A rear-entry vehicle's low-angle ramp makes it easy to access the interior through the rear hatch. The unique design of this mobility upgrade make it possible to use standard parking spaces when accessible parking is unavailable.

Manual Ramp & Door


With a manual door and manual bi-fold ramp, a BraunAbility manual rear-entry wheelchair van is the perfect choice for those who travel with an attendant

Flip N' Fold Seats


Two second-row seats easily fold down for ambulatory passengers, leaving space in the rear of the vehicle for one wheelchair passenger. When folded up, the van can accommodate two wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Tie Downs


Each wheelchair van includes a standard floor-track and belt system that secures the wheelchair for transit. An optional retractable belt system is a versatile and convenient option. Independent users can even elect to have an automatic tie-down installed.