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  • XL-Base

Adapt Solutions XL-Base for Lowering Automotive Seats

The XL-Base is designed to fit into the front and second row passenger side positions of most minivans. More people put their trust in the XL-BASE because its concept and design make it so relible, comfortable, safe and easy to use.


  • Uses vehicle's original seat
  • Gentle, consistent travel
  • Considerable leg room
  • Seating behind XL-BASE is not affected
  • Seat reclines completely
  • Straightforward, mechanical design


  • Maximum capacity: 350 lbs
  • Equipped with an emergency back-up system
  • Power supplied by your vehicle
  • Optional footrest & armrest


The XL-Base is easily installed into the original seat mounts with no structural modifications to your vehicle. It is also easily removed to return the vehicle to its original condition without affecting the resale value.


We take our customers' safety seriously. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality mobility equipment. Our products undergo a strict certification process. Certifications of our products involves different tests such as: crash testing, cycle testing and weight capacity testing. We are proud to offer a line of products that exceed the industry's standards.

Download the XL Base Brochure.

XL Base

XL Base

XL Base

XL Base

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