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Mobility Challenges

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Whether you are an individual with a disability, or a family member/caregiver of someone with a disability, you know how important accessible transportation is in your everyday life. From going to doctor's appointments, getting to work/school or simply enjoying social activities--- having the freedom and independence to get around is priceless.

Our MobilityWorks' Certified Mobility Consultants can work with you, as well as your healthcare professionals team (OTs/PTs/Case Managers etc.), to evaluate your current condition and mobility needs, as well as look ahead to your future needs as well.

Mobility equipment and assistive technology products such as; adaptive driving aids, assistive seating, and scooter lifts, are created with three primary goals in mind:

  1. Enabling you or your passenger to enter and exit your vehicle more easily, safely and comfortably
  2. Obtaining the safest and most comfortable seating position possible
  3. Transporting a personal mobility device such as a scooter or wheelchair in the easiest manner possible

Mobility equipment products can be used on an individual basis or in combinations depending on an individual's physical challenge or disability. Each situation is unique to that individual. Mobility products are generally---although not exclusively----geared towards those have slight to partial loss of mobility.

Mobility equipment products have two main applications:

  1. To make standard production cars, minivans, vans and/or SUVs more accessible for people who have slight to partial mobility loss but are generally not full-time wheelchair users. Users of these products must be able to ---with assistance---stand, turn and take a step or two.
  2. For people who are using wheelchair vans but need further adaptations to help them to be more successful or comfortable in the use of their wheelchair van.

For individuals whose transportation needs would be best served by a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we always begin by taking a look at several key factors including;

  • Will the wheelchair user be the driver of the vehicle, or will family members/caregivers?
  • What are the wheelchair user's "key dimensions" (i.e. height/weight of the individual and height/weight of their wheelchair)?
  • Who needs to be transported in the van and where will it be parked/garaged? For example, if you have a very narrow garage, you may have difficulty with a side-entry lift in your vehicle.
  • What is your budget for a vehicle purchase? Do you have a maximum amount you can/would like to spend? What type of monthly payment are you comfortable with? We can also help you in locating alternate funding resources as well.

At MobilityWorks we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with our customers, their families and their caregivers. We want to ensure that you have the most appropriate mobility equipment for your unique needs---today and in the future.

So, whether you would be best aided by an adaptive seat,adaptive driving aids or a scooter lift in your existing vehicle or if a wheelchair accessible minivan, would be a better option for you, we can help get you back on the road to freedom and independence, so you...never miss a moment.

Mobility Challenges

Below are links to more information based on your mobility challenge.

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