Disability Grant Assistance and Resources in Vermont

In Vermont, there are different agencies and non-profits that have various programs designed to help people in need of adaptive driving equipment or wheelchair transportation. Below are just some of the more prominent groups that we have been able to identify in helping our website visitors with finding financial assistance.

It is our wish that every American who needs assistance can find the help they need. If you know of additional resources, please let us know. We will be glad to add organizations that are helping the disabled community or our special needs families with grant opportunities. If you have any questions, contact MobilityWorks today.

MobilityWorks Location in Vermont

Essex Junction
5C David Drive
Essex Junction VT 05452

Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs

Each state offers a unique set of benefits and services for its veterans and their families. The Office of Veterans Affairs is a state government organization that administers many of Vermont's veteran programs.

Contact Information:
18 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05620-4401
Toll Free Phone Number (works only in Vermont): 888-666-9844
Phone Number: 802-828-3379
Fax Number: 802- 828-5932
Website: http://veterans.vermont.gov/office-veterans-affairs

Vermont Assistive Technology Program- Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living

The Mission of the Vermont Assistive Technology Program is to increase awareness and knowledge, and to change policies and practices to ensure assistive technology is available through all services to Vermonters with disabilities.

Our Vision is that all individuals with disabilities receive the assistive technology they need and want, and that the benefits of assistive devices and technologies figure prominently in the minds of consumers, policy makers, and service providers. We seek to create a dependable, consistent system of service delivery that is consumer driven and consumer responsive.

Our Commitment is to enable Vermonters with disabilities to have greater independence, productivity, and confidence, and to provide Vermonters a clear and direct avenue toward integration and inclusion in school, the work force and the community.

Contact Information:
Central Office:
103 South Main Street, Weeks Building
Waterbury, VT 05671-2305 Phone: in state toll free: 800-750-6355
Voice: 802-871-3353
FAX: 802-871-3048
Website: http://atp.vermont.gov/

The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

The Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, consumer controlled organization. The council is composed of 21 appointees from around the state – a majority of whom have disabilities – representing diverse cultures and needs in the state. The SILC is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the 3-year Statewide Plan for Independent Living (SPIL).

Contact Information:
Attn: Peter Kriff, Executive Director
PO Box 56
Winooski VT 05404
Phone: 802-233-4908
Website: http://www.vtsilc.org/

VocaRehab Vermont-Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Agency of Human Services

VocaRehab offers free, flexible services to any Vermonter or employer dealing with a disability that affects employment. We partner with human service providers and employers across Vermont to help people with disabilities realize their full potential.

Contact Information:
103 South Main Street, Weeks 1A
Waterbury, VT 05671-2303
Phone: 1-866-VRWORKS
Toll Free: 866-879-6757
Website: http://vocrehab.vermont.gov

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