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MobilityWork’s Client Travels to NYC for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

Earlier this month, Karen Reynolds took a trip to New York City to help raise awareness for Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that can affect any organ in the body, resulting from an overreaction of the immune system. It is estimated to affect about 200,000 Americans, several of whom joined Karen in New York City during Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.

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10 Things to Look for in an Accessible College Campus

Accessible College Tips

For students entering their first year of college, the experience of higher education can be overwhelming. There’s a new environment to adjust to, new friends to meet, a new roommate to live with and above all, a new campus and classes to navigate. All students want to choose a college that provides them with a fantastic education and experience. However, students with disabilities have to be sure to pick a college whose campus meets their accessibility needs too. College can be an amazing experience, but choosing a school which best fits your needs makes sure that it is. Below are ten things to look for when researching an accessible college campus, to help during the selection process.

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Ben Abercrombie’s Road to Recovery

As a multisport star at Alabama’s famed Hoover High School, Ben Abercrombie was used to winning. His dedication on the field and in the classroom opened doors to the Ivy League, where he accepted a football scholarship to Harvard University. After a severe spinal cord injury suffered in his first collegiate game he faced a whole new kind of battle.

After his initial surgery, Ben was transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, one of the nation’s leading non-profit spinal cord injury recovery facilities. The Shepherd Center provides nearly 900 individuals with inpatient therapy annually. Through countless hours of hard work, Ben’s condition steadily improved.

During his therapy and rehabilitation, local business and the Harvard community raised money for Ben. One of those businesses was El Jefes, a famous Mexican restaurant near Harvard. Their Ben Abercrombie night helped raise funds for his family to retrofit their home, making it wheelchair accessible.

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6 Fun Accessible Activities in Savannah

Forsyth Park - Accessible activities Savannah

The oldest city in Georgia offers a unique charm that attracts millions of people each year. There are countless historic homes and beautiful parks that offer an exciting visit for everyone that goes. Below is a list of 6 fun and accessible activities to try out during your next visit to Savannah.

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Occupational Therapist Students are Learning Assistive Technology with Help from MobilityWorks

MobilityWorks Teaching OT students Assistive Technology

Becoming an Occupational Therapist is no easy task. It typically requires at least six years of college with in-depth medical courses and training. Once they graduate, Occupational Therapists spend their career assisting patients recovering from a physical illness or injury, to help them achieve the highest level of mobility possible. As part of their training, Occupational Therapy students are learning how assistive technology can help aide the patients they will serve one day.

MobilityWorks own Regional Marketing Manager, Craig Harlow, has been teaching Assistive Technology classes around the Philadelphia area since 2011. Every semester, Craig teaches a guest course at Temple University and The University of the Sciences on wheelchair accessible equipment. He brings in both rear entry and side entry accessible minivans and demonstrates how each different style of ramp operates. Students also hear from a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) about the training and certification that is required for someone to learn how to drive with hand controls.

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