Handicapped Van

Mobility challenged people face many difficulties in moving around. They cannot even use public transport if proper arrangements have not been made for the disabled. Ramps and other provisions need to be made to ensure flawless movement of the physically challenged. A handicapped van by Mobility Works thus becomes an ideal transportation option for the physically challenged.

Mobility Works handicapped van comes in different models and types. There are three main vans available at mobilityworks.com. The first type of vans is the rear entry vans; people with physical limitation can use these vans for easy transport from one point to another. These vans offer a backdoor entry with a ramp that can be used to ride the van. The ramp used in these vans can be later stacked up after a person has entered the vehicle. These types of vans are good for longer commutes because people can relax easily in the back, especially if they have the entire backseat to themselves.

The second type of handicapped van on mobilityworks.com is side entry van or minivan. This type of vehicle offers the standard entry procedure from the side doors. A ramp can be raised or lowered to help people in boarding the vehicle through their wheelchairs. Side entry vans are good for ordinary vehicles as the ramp mechanism can be easily installed and stacked backed when not in use.

A full sized handicapped van is also available at mobilityworks.com. This van resembles an ambulance in the sense that it has two doors that can be simultaneously opened with the wheelchair ramp lowered down. The doors are available both in the side entry and backdoor entry denominations.

The process of buying a handicappedĀ van on mobilityworks.com is easy and without any long procedures. People interested in purchasing can do a detailed search on mobilityworks.com by using theĀ van model, year or price range. They can also opt for any of the types available whether they want to purchase a side entry vehicle, a rear entry vehicle or a full size vehicle. Drop down menus and other easy browsing enables customers to find the exact type of handicap-friendly vehicle they are looking for. There is a toll free helpline that can be used for placing orders although mobilityworks.com also has an online request form that can be filled to proceed further.

Apart from the purchase option, mobilityworks.com offers car rental services. A handicapped van can be rented out for a day, a week or even a month. Mobility Works offer special weekend rentals at discounted rates of around $200. Other packages and offers are also available on mobilityworks.com for both short term and long term rentals. A handicapped van has become an essential item for the physically challenged and the offers available at mobilityworks.com are a great source of help. Affordability and discounted weekend rentals further make theses offers a better opportunity for people that want to enjoy their weekends with their disabled family member or friend. They are also ideal for centers.