Browsing Handicap Vans for Sale? Look for QAP-Certification from NMEDA

There are a lot of handicap vans for sale from countless adaptive driving dealers. Your special mobility needs make buying a new or used vehicle a little more complicated than most people have it. You not only have to choose a vehicle brand and model, but also appropriate and reliable accessibility and adaptive driving equipment. An easy way to feel more secure about the options you’re considering is to stick with dealers that are QAP-certified by NMEDA.

What do these acronyms have to do with handicap vans for sale?

Good question. NMEDA stands for the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. This nonprofit trade association includes manufacturers and dealers of mobility equipment, driving rehabilitation specialists and other professionals working to enhance mobility for the disabled. The group started in Florida and went national in 1989.

NMEDA awards the sole nationally recognized accreditation in the mobility equipment industry: Quality Assurance Program (QAP) certification. This accreditation rewards companies in the industry that consistently adhere to the highest quality, safety and customer service standards. There’s an invaluable peace of mind that comes from considering handicap vans for sale through a QAP-certified dealer.

What does QAP-certification guarantee about handicap vans for sale?

“Highest quality, safety and customer service standards…” That sounds nice, but what, specifically, does it mean? QAP-certified dealers offer 24-hour customer service and employ highly trained and certified welders and technicians who service, sell and install mobility equipment. The dealers also maintain thorough and accurate records of all adaptive driving work performed on their handicap vans for sale.

Accredited dealers submit to independent auditing at least once per year that confirms various things. QAP-certified dealers meet NMEDA guidelines, satisfy relevant aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act and adhere to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

These are only some of the highlights of what QAP accreditation from NMEDA guarantees about an adaptive driving dealer and its products. Look for this certification when you choose a dealership to buy a handicapped vehicle from. It’s the safest way to know you’re getting only the best.