Mobility Awareness Month Featured Client Jennifer Gill and Connor – Tinley Park, IL

Overcoming multiple surgeries, Connor is now back in school.

Connor was born with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that affects various joints in the body and muscle development. In this nomination, Jennifer Gill explains how her son keeps his spirits high, despite multiple operations and being in a wheelchair. They are MobilityWorks’ NMEDA Mobility Awareness Month Client Profile #9

From Jennifer Gill

I would love to submit my son for this wonderful giveaway. Connor is the most upbeat kid you could ever know and always tries to keep in good spirits! It is so important to have mobility and NOT having transportation is almost like being grounded forever.

If it were up to Connor he would have the car he is in front of! He loves to go places and be a part of our wonderful community! Having the ability to be an active member would be freedom and enjoyment beyond words I can express as his mother! Connor was born with arthrogryposis and given a DNR letter at birth… which means we were to give up on him and prepare for his funeral. It was the saddest moment of our life, but we did not give up on him, ever.

Connor is a joy to our family and friends and an inspiration to people in our community. He gives back in ways he can and it warms the hearts of many. He will be the first person to say hi and keep your chin up, even when he is feeling down. He has overcome multiple surgeries and illnesses and now is going to school in the city! I cannot imagine if our ability to take him places goes away. He needs this, just like all people who are disabled mobility. He deserves a chance to live his life to the fullest, and I want to be the one to help him achieve his goals and dreams! WE want independence for him! WE want him to live his life for the great kid he is, not because he had limitations, but because he is limitless!!!! Please pass the word and vote for Connor!