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6 Awesome Creative Solutions for Wheelchair Users

From video game controllers to easy-entry sneakers, wheelchair users have a lot more access to new ideas. Above is an amphibious all-terrain vehicle.

Many wheelchair users face multiple challenges to perform everyday tasks. That’s why we love hearing about people coming together and getting creative to find a solution. You won’t believe these amazing adaptions that solve problems wheelchair users face.

PlayStation Controller

Peter is a New Jersey resident with cerebral palsy. He wrote to Sony complaining about his PlayStation touch-pad interfering with his gaming experience. Alex, a Sony employee, wrote back promising a solution. He put in about 10 hours of work to create a custom controller with a second button that rerouted the touch-pad’s functions. Now, Peter can play and enjoy his games without interference. Read more

New Unique Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

WHILL Model A Wheelchair
Shown above is the WHILL wheelchair with advanced motion and complete terrain coverage. Photo courtesy of WHILL, Inc.

When it comes to wheelchairs, scooters and other hybrid mobility devices, the industry is always coming up with new ideas.  The unique options below are just a few examples that made our list to include in this article. Check out MobilityWorks’ selection of newer wheelchairs and mobility devices that you have to see.

WHILL Model ‘M’ Wheelchair

The Whill has been making waves in the mobility industry, especially with the Model M’s recent FDA approval. This beautiful wheelchair moves effortlessly with you to fit into your lifestyle. This chair is the world’s only mobility device to feature both 4 wheel drive and all directional wheels so that you can have high power over any terrain. Users will enjoy a smooth ride. You can even control the Whill remotely from a smart phone app! Read more

MobilityWorks Teams up with Nonprofits to Deliver Wheelchair Vans to Veteran and Quadriplegic

MobilityWorks’ Beltsville team delivered wheelchair vans to a triple amputee veteran and a quadriplegic single father.

MobilityWorks’ Beltsville location was proud to present wheelchair vans to John, a triple amputee and Purple Heart Recipient, and Andrew, a quadriplegic single father. The double wheelchair van presentation came together thanks to nonprofits Help our Military Heroes [HOMH] and the Semper Fi Fund, as well as Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist Tammy Phipps and a generous area veteran. John and Andrew received their keys to freedom with help from Certified Mobility Consultant Sherry and the rest of the Beltsville team. Read more

9 Useful Free Apps for Caregivers and Wheelchair Users

Do you have trouble finding accessible parking? Do you want help tracking medication? There’s an app for that. Read on for MobilityWorks’ 9 apps for caregivers and wheelchair users.

Scientists are closer than ever to curing a multitude of diseases with today’s advancements. Though many cures still need to be discovered, technology has made improvements for living with illnesses. The technology is at your fingertips more than ever before with applications and other devices. Read on to see MobilityWorks’ list of free iOS and Android apps that can improve the lives of people with disabilities. You can download these apps for your iPhone, Android or other device. Read more

Edward Keeps Dancing Thanks To MobilityWorks Wheelchair Van

Edward doesn’t let his disability stop him from moving to the music. He stays active with help from his BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van, which he affectionately nicknamed ‘Shadowfax’.

For decades, Edward has had a deep passion for dancing. He is a member of West Virginia University Swing Dance and he often joins his local Morgantown square and contra dance group. Edward is able to travel and stay dancing thanks to his BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van. Certified Mobility Consultant Clint and the rest of the Pittsburgh team helped Edward regain his independence so he could get out and dance. Read more