Hotel Shuttle Buses

Hotel Shuttle Buses, Minibus Sales and Center Aisle Vans

MobilityWorks offers a vast selection of hotel shuttle buses, minibuses and center aisle vans to provide you with the ability to carry multiple passengers as well as offer wheelchair accessibility. Our hotel shuttles are customized to provide luxurious, comfortable and safe transport for your clients. In addition, our vehicles offer ample space for storing luggage/boxes etc.---providing you and your clients with absolutely everything they need!

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Minibus and Center Aisle Shuttle Bus Packages with Seating Up to 14

MobilityWorks maintains an experienced staff of engineers and vehicle manufacturing experts to design and build your custom commercial van application on a Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster chassis. Representatives from our sales, engineering and manufacturing teams will meet with you to learn about the unique needs for your business application – how you will use the vehicle, what you will be transporting, "creature comforts" that need to be included in the vehicle – and then we go to work to design a vehicle to meet your needs and budget. We are very proud of our "Engineered to Order" process, which gives our customers the benefit of our manufacturing strengths and capabilities.

Shuttle Options

All of our shuttle buses and center aisle vans offer a variety of options ranging from easy-care ABS interior with vinyl seating, to luxury limo vans with all the amenities, or an ADA-compliant wheelchair accessible paratransit. We carry both new and used commercial vans and offer many different options to chose from.

Common Features in Our Shuttle / Center Aisle Vans

  • Center aisle packages with seating up to 14
  • ABS plastic, factory or custom cloth interiors
  • Vinyl, cloth or leather seating
  • Custom limousine packages with window shades, DVD players, luggage areas and more
  • Optional raised roof – 16", 24" or 36"
  • Exterior paint & graphics packages
  • Many other options & upgrades available

Why MobilityWorks for Your Minibus or Hotel Shuttle Van Needs?

All of our ADA-compliant shuttles and vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards, meet all federal regulations and are crash tested. Additionally, MobilityWorks is a proud participant in Ford’s FTQP program (Ford Truck Quality Program), which requires annual re-certification by Ford.

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Today's full size vehicles offer the safety of uni-body design, improved gas mileage and more. Likewise, there are new innovations available in wheelchair accessibility that will increase it's use and time on the road.

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