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Wheelchair Vans and Ambulette Upfit Options

MobilityWorks Commercial prides itself on building commercial vehicles that meet your specific application needs. We offer a variety of options for customizing Wheelchair Vans and Ambulettes.

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Wheelchair Lifts, Restraints, Seating, Exterior Upgrades and More

Wheelchair Lifts

A Braun or Ricon NHTSA-compliant lift is the heart of your wheelchair van. Lifts can be mounted at the side or rear door.

Restraint Systems

AMF Bruns of America, Q'Straint or SureLok wheelchair restraint systems assure passenger comfort and safety. Manual or retractable tiedowns in "A" or "L" track are available to meet all safety requirements and budgets.

paratransit, heavy duty series l track


Typical Ambulette configurations feature easy care vinyl seating. Seats can be configured as side-facing flip seats or forward-facing flip or bench seats.

Exterior Steps & Running Boards

In addition to providing safe, secure entry for your driver and passengers, exterior steps and running boards enhance the appearance of your ambulette vehicle. Available options include:

  • Short steps for driver, front passenger or rear door positions;
  • Full length passenger side step;
  • Cut in step at the cargo door entrance;
  • Bus-style walk-in entry step;
  • Extruded or diamond running boards;
  • Fiberglass running boards, painted to match the van.

Stanchion Poles & Grab Bars

Stanchion poles or grab handles can be mounted at any point of walk-in entry, ensuring a safe, secure entrance for your ambulatory passengers.

Climate Control

Rear heat & air conditioning (24,000 BTU AC, 28,000 BTU heat) maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature in the seating area of your van or ambulette. We also have available an Arizona spec package with reflective tint and upgraded A/C.

Window Tint

Window tint provides privacy for your passengers, and helps with climate control.

Safety Equipment

Our basic safety kit includes a floor-mounted 5 lb. fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a web cutter. Reflective triangles and emergency road flares are also available, as well as backup alarms, backup warning sensors, etc. (Some state DOT regulations have specific safety requirements. Your MobilityWorks sales representative can help).

Oxygen Tank Holders

Our universal oxygen tank holder accommodates tanks of all sizes. Single and dual tank holders for D & E cylinders are also available.

Wheelchair Storage

Our custom foldaway wheelchair storage allows you to safely stow your folding wheelchair; and flips up against the wall when not in use. This frees up valuable floor space for wheelchair passenger transport in your ambulette.

Stretcher/Gurney Equipment

For situations when your passenger must be transported in a prone position, quick-release Ferno or Stryker cot mounts increase the flexibility of your fleet vehicle. Our wall-mounted cot storage rack allows you to store your cot when not in use.

Modesty Panels

Modesty panels can be strategically placed to ensure passenger comfort and privacy.

Door Grabbers

Hook-and-cable door grabbers are standard on side-lift applications. Friction fit door grabbers are standard on rear-lift applications, and are an available option at the side door location.

For additional information about our wheelchair vans and pricing, call our toll-free line at 888-466-5504 or Send us an inquiry here.

Ambulette Upfit Options

Wheelchair Vans
ambulette, ricon s-series lift

Ricon S-Series Lift

ambulette, ricon s-series lift

Braun Millennium Series Lift