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Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Driving Evaluations and Driver Rehabilitation Specialists The use of steering wheel spinner knobs and other hand control equipment generally requires the driver to pass a special training class which educates drivers on the nuances of using the controls – and in determining if someone is physically capable of safe driving. This includes on-road testing after simulator training. MobilityWorks consultants can put you in contact with a local driver evaluator or rehabilitation center that can help to arrange for your training class. The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists can also provide contacts in your area.

Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs and Driving Aids

Amputee Driver Rings, Ball, Tri-Pin and V-Grip Spinner Knob Designs

MobilityWorks is committed to providing our clients with the best adaptive equipment solution for their particular driving needs. Our vast array of hand controls and steering wheel spinner knob solutions are necessary to match the right equipment to the driver and type of vehicle. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to driving with a physical disability and driver safety. Each client and situation needs to be evaluated individually by a Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.

Below are some of the many steering wheel spinner knob and driving aid models currently available at MobilityWorks. It's important to note that our service technicians are trained by the spinner knob and hand control manufacturers to install and service this specialized type of driving aid equipment.

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Steering Wheel Spinner Knob Styles

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