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MobilityWorks offers a wide selection of adaptive equipment for almost every type of vehicle. All of the hand control equipment that we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry. The equipment shown on this page should always be installed by trained technicians, ensuring that the controls are installed properly.

Learn more about our hi-tech electronic hand controls (aka EMC or drive-by-wire) and spinner knobs and grips for steering assistance.

Mechanical Hand Controls and Other Driving Aids

Push-Pull Braking and Acceleration for Adaptive Driving Control

Mobility Products and Design
Hand Control Selection and Installation

Driving any vehicle with hand controls should only be done by those who have had sufficient training by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Please contact one of our Mobility Consultants to find a qualified CDRS specialist in your area. For safety considerations, we cannot ship hand controls to you for at-home installations. Use our online Inquiry Form and let us know the best way to have someone contact you about a hand control consultation.

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MobilityWorks offers a wide selection of adaptive driving equipment to help our clients with regaining their independence and to be in control of their own transportation. All of the hand control equipment being offered is manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry. Our certified technicians and mobility consultants will work closely with you and a certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS) to custom fit your automobile or van with the best equipment to meet your physical ability, strength and dexterity requirements. We offer a range of driving aids such as hand controls (for braking and acceleration), pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, steering knobs, and high-tech electronic controls.

MobilityWorks installs a variety of hand controls for nearly every type of auto, SUV or truck. The controls are designed to provide many years of reliable performance specific to that vehicle. We back their quality with a full two-year warranty that gives you peace of mind as well as the freedom to drive.

Below are photos of several different types of mechanical hand controls, spinner knobs, and steering aids. In some cases, a multi-function switch can also be added to help with controlling the headlights, turn signals, wipers and horn.

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