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Logo Permissions and Usage

If you are unsure as to the proper usage or permissions to use our logo, please contact:

Press Contact
Guy Hanford
Director of Marketing
4199 Kinross Lakes Pkwy, Suite 300
Richfield, OH 44286
Office: 234-312-2000

The MobilityWorks logo is a registered trademark of WMK, Inc. and should only be used with permission from an authorized representative of MobilityWorks. Use of our logo does not constitute an endorsement of your web site, services or product.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration No. 2286278

MobilityWorks Logos - Making the World Accessible

The MobilityWorks Logo is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO. Used With Permission Only

Whenever possible, the MobilityWorks logo should be displayed in two colors: Black and Pantone 293 Blue on a White background. To save these image files, right click on the logo or high resolution option below it and select "save as".

MobilityWorks E-Mail Logo

This logo is for use by MobilityWorks employees with their Outlook E-Mail. Right-click, copy and paste into your Outlook stationary.

MobilityWorks 2C

396 x 101 pixel .jpg

300 DPI High Resolution 2C RGB Logo (jpg)

MobilityWorks 2C

396 x 101 pixel .jpg

300 DPI High Resolution Black & White Logo (jpg)

600 DPI High Resolution Black & White Bitmap Logo (tiff)

GIF Interlaced Logos

MobilityWorks  Logo GIF

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MobilityWorks  Logo GIF

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Black & White Reversed Logo(only to be used when a reverse logo is absolutely necessary)

MobilityWorks reversed logo

300 DPI High Resolution Black & White Logo Reversed (jpg)