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Ford E-150 Full-Size Van by MobilityWorks

MobilityWorks maintains an experienced staff of engineers and vehicle manufacturing experts to design and build your custom commercial van application on a Ford E-series chassis.

MobilityWorks Ford E-150 Wheelchair Van inventory

MobilityWorks Custom Commercial Vans

MobilityWorks Ford E-150 Van

MobilityWorks Ford E-150 Full-Size Van

Equipment Haulers
One application built on a Ford E-series chassis is the Equipment Hauler. Typical haulers have a raise roof & doors, equipment lift, Vista bay window, cloth covered bulkhead and corral system. Many of our custom vans are Medical Equipment Haulers used for moving mammography, ultrasound, eye laser, mobile x-ray and other testing equipment.

Ordering a Custom Engineered Van from MobilityWorks
We make it easy for you to order by maintaining a pool of over 300 regular length and extended length vehicle chassis so that you do not have to purchase your vehicle prior to upfit. Our 'Road Ready' program and onsite supply of upfit equipment and chassis ensure a quick turnaround for all your custom van needs.