Side Entry vs. Rear Entry Wheelchair Vehicles

MobilityWorks is often asked about the differences between side and rear entry vehicles. Read on to find out more.

As you look for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, one of the most important choices you will make is deciding between side entry and rear entry wheelchair vehicles. Read on to see how the conversions compare when it comes to flexibility, layout and price.

The Difference

The primary difference between side and rear entry wheelchair vans is where you enter the vehicle. Side entry vans make use of the sliding side door and a ramp or a lift. Rear entry vans use the back of the vehicle for wheelchair access. A ramp is the most common point of entry for both conversions.

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Join MobilityWorks of Oakland as We Present Wheelchair Van to Local Hero Contest Winner


2015 National Mobility Awareness Month contest winner Cynthia Noonan will receive the keys to her new Vantage Mobility International (VMI) Honda Odyssey wheelchair van. Cynthia was affected with Transverse Myelitis in September 2007. She became a C5 quadriplegic in just 4 hours. Cynthia formerly worked with the ALS Association and she now serves as a board member with the Bay Area Outreach and Recreational Program. Her new wheelchair van will allow her to continue her selfless contributions to the community.

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MobilityWorks’ Albany Location Has Moved! New Showroom, Van Rental and Service Center Now in the Colonie Plaza

Open for business on Monday, January 11th at:
MobilityWorks of Albany
1892 Central Avenue,  Suite #25
Albany, NY 12205

MobilityWorks is pleased to announce that our Albany location has moved to the Colonie Plaza shopping center! The new facility has a spacious showroom for our clients and families to come and see our many wheelchair van and adaptive equipment options.

Only 1 ½ miles from the previous location, it is still convenient for all of our eastern New York customers to come in and get the same great customer service.

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Message Banking Technology Helps ALS Patients Regain Their Voice

Julia and service dog Sophie
Message banking can help people with ALS get their personalized voice back.

People with ALS and other degenerative diseases may lose their ability to speak over time, but today’s technology can give them a voice. Most of the speech technology we see has a robotic voice. What if ALS patients could get their own, personalized voice back? Thanks to message banking, they can.

Message Banking is Created

“25 years ago, one of the nurses who ran our tracheotomy program came to us and said there are kids who wake up in the ICU after surgery who are absolutely terrified and they can’t communicate,” John Costello, the creator of message banking and Director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Augmentative Communication Program, said. “We then began to look and say, why are we waiting until a patient is at bedside and under the influence of medication, pain, sedation and fear to try to help? I thought it would be really cool if kids could record their voices pre-operatively so that post-op they could wake up with technology mounted on their bed and have their own voice.”

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Military Widow and Advocate for Others Hoping for a Miracle in 2016

Julia and service dog Sophie
Julia is pictured here with her service dog Sophie. She is hoping for a miracle as she asks for assistance to acquire an accessible van.

Julia is hoping for a miracle. She has dedicated her life to advocacy work and has always been the one to root for others. Today, she needs our help.

“I’ve never asked for much, and I do what I can for others in this world,” Julia said. “I promote faith, courage, strength, self-worth, and do much pro bono advocacy works for patients, for veterans and their dependents, for animal welfare and the rights of all people.”

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