GoShichi Pickup Trucks Add to the Many Options Now Available for Physically Challenged Drivers

GoShichi Brand Pickup Truck Conversion for Total 4×4 Independence Now In Stock

GoShichi Brand Pickup Truck Conversion 

Robots, Motorcycles, and now Pickup Trucks? MobilityWorks is once again expanding its options for people with physical disabilities to drive the type of vehicle they want want to drive. Not only do people want total independence to drive what the vehicle of their choice, some people just won’t give up their trucks! The GoShichi conversion makes that possible.

Available on new Chevy Silverado’s and GMC Sierra models, MobilityWorks store locations are beginning to stock these unique vehicles — or can take orders on new models with the customer’s color preferences. 4×4 and 2×4 options are also available.

What makes the GoShichi accessible is its slide-out door design and built-in wheelchair lift that allows for the driver to ride from their wheelchair with the use of hand controls. GoShichi passenger models are also available with the lift located on the opposite side.

GoShichi wheelchair accesible pickup trucks
The GoShichi looks just like any other 4x4 on the road

"Accessible Vans and Pickups provide people with more options

Just when you thought there weren’t many accessible transportation options beyond a traditional van, the GoShichi represents a whole new line for people to consider, along with our TMR Robot and Conquest Motorcycle alternatives.

If you’re interested in the GoShichi, call our toll-free MobilityWorks sales hotline at 1-877-275-4907. You may also want to check out the GoShichi You Tube on our video page here.