Handicap School Transport Vans

School Transportation Vans and Wheelchair Lifts

MobilityWorks is the industry expert in building wheelchair accessible vans for your bus fleet.

Many schools are responsible for ensuring that children with special needs are safely transported on federally approved transportation provided by the school system. In cases where only one or two wheelchair occupied students need to be transported, a full-size commercial van equipped with a lift is much more affordable and economical to operate than a traditional school bus. With a wide variety of floor plans available to accommodate every need.


School Transportation Van Options
  • Ford E-Series van bodies (regular extended length E-250/E-350)
  • Side or rear entry wheelchair lifts
  • L-Track wheelchair tie-down systems
  • Raised roof options
  • Your choice of floorplans
  • Rear heat & AC, vented to headliner
  • Tinted windows
  • Heavy duty exterior steps
  • Durable commercial-grade floor covering
  • Easy-care ABS plastic walls & headliner
  • Heavy-duty passenger seats; steel reinforced frames bolted to floor
  • Fully-integrated lap & shoulder belts

Why MobilityWorks for Your School Transport Vans?
MobilityWorks has over 15 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing ADA compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans. Our vehicles feature one piece plastic walls for ease of cleaning, which allows the vehicle to stay new looking longer. We specialize in meeting your school system needs by offering side or rear lifts, multiple wheelchair and able-bodied seating, specialized floor plan options and much more. The MobilityWorks engineering and manufacturing teams can build a vehicle to meet your specific transport needs. Van floorplan options .


Safety Recommendations
All of our school transport vehicles and wheelchair vans are engineeredand manufactured with the highest quality standards, meeting or exceeding all federal regulations. Our experienced technicians are trained in all aspects of installing and servicing adaptive equipment, with strict adherence to quality assurance standards. MobilityWorks is also a proud participant in Ford’s FTQP program (Ford Truck Quality Program), which requires annual re-certification by Ford.

MobilityWorks goes to great lengths to make sure that all wheelchair restraint systems are properly installed. Our suppliers are quality manufacturers that are well respected throughout the mobility industry. We recommend that all transport drivers be trained in the proper positioning and securement of wheelchair occupants, following the guidelines provided by each restraint manufacturer.

Wheelchairs should be secured with fastening devices that are attached to the floor. Any occupied wheelchairs should be secured with 4-point tie-down devices. These tie-down systems should be designed to secure an adult male. The securement straps should attach to the frame of the wheelchair rather than to the wheels. Occupants needs to be secured to the wheelchair with a separate safety belt system.

Ordering a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle from MobilityWorks
We make it easy for you to order by maintaining a pool of over 300 regular length and extended length vehiclechassis so that you do not have to purchase your vehicle prior to upfit. Our onsite bailment pool and Road Ready program ensures a quick turnaround for all your school van needs – for orders of one or many vehicles.

Call our toll-free line at 1-800-769-8267 or Send us an inquiry here.

School Transport Vans

 School Transport Vans

Handicap School Transport Vans

MobilityWorks has over 15 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing ADA compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans for commercial businesses.

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