The Best Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Available. Period.

Proven accessible Taxis and exclusive innovations offer new opportunities for Taxi companies. Now available in both Side and Rear Wheelchair Entry.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Taxi
  • Accommodates one wheelchair passenger plus up to five able-bodied passengers
  • Widest & Strongest Ramp Available – 36" wide ramp with 1000 lb. capacity
  • Comes with 3-passenger bench seat in second row; optional third row 2-passenger flip seat
  • Superior ground clearance for diverse road conditions
  • Top wheelchair accessible taxi used in New York City
  • Now available with FlexFlat Ramp

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect Taxi
  • Accommodates one wheelchair passenger plus driver and four other passengers
  • Second row seat no longer needs to be folded and tumbled forward when wheelchair is in place (as in previous model)
  • Comes standard with OEM 3-passenger second row seat which can fold and tumble forward if extra room is needed
  • Exclusive Flex-Flat Ramp (note: include link to Flex Flat page) now comes STANDARD - $550 value!
  • Fastest growing wheelchair accessible taxi across the country

Dodge Grand Caravan & Chrysler Town and Country

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Accessible Minivan
  • Accommodates up to two wheelchair passengers
  • Superior fit and finish details with added sound dampening
  • Comes standard with two bucket seats in second row
  • Optional 3-passenger second row bench seat and third row 2-passenger flip seat allows for a variety of seating combinations
  • Low cost makes it a popular choice with Taxi companies

Dodge Grand Caravan & Chrysler Town and Country

Amerivan PT Dodge
  • Now available from MobilityWorks Commercial!
  • Amerivan PT side entry commercial minivan is perfect for Taxi use to get close to the curb.
  • Includes "Quick Release" removable front passenger seating and optional fold-down middle seat.
  • 14" lowered Stainless Steel floor
  • 54" long manual fold-out, swing-out ramp

Exclusive Flex-Flat Ramp:

Transform from a standard Taxi to a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and back in SECONDS.
  • New innovative ramp design gives you an accessible taxi you can use on Every Call
  • No more barriers – No longer have a ramp in the vertical position forming a "wall" prohibiting access to the rear of the taxi.
  • The Flex-Flat ramp easily folds out when you need it, and lays flat when you don't
  • Meets all ADA and FMVSS requirements
  • Available now on the Ford Transit Connect and Toyota Sienna, and soon on the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country

Accessible Taxis open doors for new opportunities! Call 1-888-466-5504 today to find out how to add them to your fleet.

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Accessible Taxi Sell Sheet
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Ambulette Wheelchair Vans

Why MobilityWorks Accessible Taxis are the Best…

  • ADA & FMVSS Compliant
  • Crash Tested & Altoona Tested
  • Rear-Entry allows easy entry from either side of the street – this is especially critical in cities with many one-way streets
  • Lightweight, bi-folding ramp is easy to open and close, and virtually maintenance-free
  • Exclusive "Flex-Flat" ramp – convert from standard to wheelchair taxi and back in seconds
  • Only MobilityWorks Commercial offers the three top wheelchair accessible taxi platforms
  • Widest ramps available on the Toyota Sienna (36") and Dodge & Chrysler minivans (34")
  • Over 22 mpg in combined driving – save $$ in fuel vs. Ford Crown Victoria taxis
  • Holds one or two wheelchairs and up to five ambulatory passengers.
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