Ford Transit Connect Handicap Vans

Commercial Use Ford Transit Connect Mobility Vans


Fuel Efficient Rear Entry Handicap Vans for Taxis and Other Business Transportation Needs

MobilityWorks' Commercial Division newest offering is the Ford Transit Connect Mobility Van. Developed by commercial wheelchair van providers in The Mobility Alliance, in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, the Transit Connect offers a new ADA Compliant rear entry option to the market that is economical and practical.

Exclusive Equipment Hauler Option
The MobilityWorks exclusive Equipment Hauler conversion for the Transit Connect is perfect for medical equipment, office supply and other companies which transport smaller equipment. Equipment hauler package includes lowered floor ramp conversion, mesh steel bulkhead behind driver/co-pilot, plastic walls with E-track in cargo area, (2) ratchet straps for securing cargo.

Transit Connect Accessibility and Seating Options
With the rear tumble seat folded forward, the vehicle's design provides a wheelchair area of 31" wide x 50" in length. With the rear seat in its upright position, three full-sized adults can be transported in the rear seating area, along with the driver and another passenger in the front. This new design combines the affordability of a rear entry transport van for handicap passengers with non-wheelchair passenger capabilities,transitioning from one use to the other in less than a minute.


Money Saving Fuel Efficiency

The Ford Transit Connect delivers 22 mpg city/25 mpg highway, and is one of the most affordable wheelchair accessible vehicles we offer. How's this for gas savings – if you average driving 200 miles per day and spend $4/gal for gas, you will save $11,345 per year vs. driving a full-size van. In just three years, the Transit Connect practically pays for itself!

So if you're looking to save money on a great vehicle that meets your needs, and continue to provide low cost of ownership, then the Transit Connect is for you. You'll quickly come to realize why it won "Truck of the Year" awards from multiple automotive associations and publications.


Why MobilityWorks for Your Wheelchair Passenger Needs?

All of our ADA-compliant wheelchair vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards. They meet all federal regulation and state DOT requirements, and are crash tested. Additionally, MobilityWorks is a proud participant in the Ford Truck Quality Program (FTQP) and NMEDA's Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for mobility dealers.


Ordering a Transit Connect Wheelchair Van from MobilityWorks
For additional Ford Transit Connect Mobility Vans information, our Commercial Sales Group can provide you with vehicle specifications, availability, cost and delivery information for your area.


Call our toll-free line at 1-800-769-8267 or Send us an inquiry here.

Ford Transit Connect Handicap Vans

Ford  Transit Connect

Transit Connect Sell Sheet
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Transit Connect Rear Entry Wheelchair VanTransit Connect Wheelchair Vans for Business

The Ford Transit Connect Mobility Van offers plenty of interior room for wheelchair passengers, is low maintenance and offers excellent fuel efficiency.

Two rows of L-track and retractable tie-downs provided with the Transit Connect easily secures most wheelchairs.